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When to call an Electrician

There are a number scenarios that may require you to call an electrician. If you are moving house and want to check the integrity, safety, or general condition of your electrical installation, or the electrical installation of the house that you are buying, asking me to undertake an Electrical Installation Condition Report will be the correct decision to make. It takes a few hours and provides a detailed description of the electrical installation in question. A report and, if any upgrading, rectification or fault finding is required, an estimate is emailed.

You may be experiencing lights flickering, or general odd activity with the electrical installation. It might be an odd smell, or the sound of sizzling, or sparking. These are all signs that you should call an electrician immediately. It could be a sign of arcing, overheating, or something that could lead to such an event. It is very important not to ignore these signs.

You may have a property that has very few electrical sockets. You may want additional lighting, in the house, garden, or work place.

If you are thinking of buying an electric car a charging point would be very useful.

With energy prices on the rise, solar panels could be a way forward for you. It is a clean way of generating electricity, backed with a battery pack, you could be using the electricity you are generating at a time that suits you. Depending on where you live, this can also be fed back to the grid. Alongside solar is the possibility of being partially, or fully off-grid.

Whatever your circumstances, please feel free to call me at anytime on 07947670893, or 01273 499000, or via this websites contact sheet on the home page. You can also contact me via my email,

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