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Solar PV Installation

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Using the Suns Energy to Power Your Home

Please call me to discuss your Solar generation requirements. A site survey and feasibility study can be undertaken. This helps to ascertain whether it will be worthwhile to install a Solar PV system on your site.

Why Solar? A Solar PV installation enables you to utilise the generated electrical energy from the Sun when you need it. A photovoltaic array on the roof, along with a battery storage pack, and connection to the national grid will cover all bases when utilising, or selling back some of that energy.

Another great way is to install a Solar PV system with a battery pack without any connection to the national grid. This can provide real time power for your house or business, and storage for when you require the stored surplus energy.

It isn't always conceivable to utilise your high power appliances just at that moment when peak power is generated. A way around this is to store that energy for when you do require it.

For a full system, or stand alone system, energy that is being generated will go to the house/business power, directed to a power pack, or go back to the grid. It really is a fantastic system.

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